Mantel Musim Dingin Cocok Untuk Wanita Tinggi

Mantel Musim Dingin

Mantel Musim Dingin Cocok Untuk Wanita Tinggi : While having a tall and slender figure is often considered lucky among women, there are some disadvantages to it as well. Most women who are long and lean complained most of the limited clothing made available to them.

However, if you were to choose wisely, it would not pose as a problem as tall women too have a fair amount of clothing that compliments their figure. A great example would be winter coats. Once putting together the perfect outfit, do not in any circumstances ignore the significance of selecting a winter coat. It is just as important (if not more) and could be considered as an extension of the outfit. After all, one would see your coat first before noticing your outfit. An ideal winter coat would be one that coordinates with the color of your outfit and be of like styles. Most importantly, it should be one that compliments your figure. In this case, it would be long and lean figure.

Did you have any idea that this is the only body shape that could actually compliment tall winter coats? Women with such body shapes are also the ones that could wear oversized styles and look great in them. In fact, tall women should choose winter coats that add volume.

In addition, women with such figures can easily carry off a shapeless style in bold prints such as tartan. Textured fabrics will add bulk while high collars and necklines would serve a huge purpose in flattering a long silhouette. Lack of curves might typically be one of the huge problems in tall, slim women. Fret not! A good belt on the waist will easily give onlookers the illusion of an hourglass figure. For more detailed added volume, some buckles, buttons and pockets would do the trick and are amazingly flattering on these women. As height does not pose as an issue in this case, boxy-style jackets that are moderately baggy will add depth. The easiest and most amazing trick is pockets, which could add volume and depth.

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