45 Of The Best Gifts For Parents To Show Them You Really

45 Of The Best Gifts For Parents To Show Them You Really

If you’ve made it to this article, we agree on one point: shopping for parents is hard. And it’s even harder to find gifts for parents they’ll actually enjoy instead of putting on a fake smile and tucking it in the back of a closet to gather dust forever. 

Sick of gifting things that never see the light of day? We’ve put together this round-up of the 45 best gifts for parents that will get good use and even win you some brownie points, too. 

These presents have been handpicked as some of the best in the world for all occasions throughout the year. So regardless of whether you’re looking for the holidays, anniversaries, special occasions, or just because, these gifts will surely bump you to the top of the favorite child list (or at least get you a step closer).


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While it may seem rather mundane, this drink bottle is one of the best gifts for parents who are always reaching for something to sip on. Whether they use it at home or take it on the go, this Stanley bottle is a cult classic with a slight upgrade thanks to Forét. It keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 20 hours and can handle anything life throws at it (except for maybe grandchildren). 

This cheeky blanket from Axel Arigato is one of the best gifts for parents during the coldest months (Christmas, we’re looking at you). Finished with wording that states the obvious and a brilliant blue colorway, this wool blanket is a top pick. 

Definitely one of the best gifts for parents who are always pining over their kids (and grandkids), this frame can receive photos via email to create a slideshow display. Even if they’re not the most tech-savvy bunch, parents will have an easy time getting pictures on the frame. They’ll sit in front of it for hours, watching their loved ones flash by. 

Shopping for a special occasion? Champagne flutes pack a huge punch, and this glass set is as luxurious as they come. If your parents stay away from the bubbles, there are also sets of red and white wine glasses. Top it off with a bottle of something nice to really seal the deal. 

Coffee is one thing you can never have enough of. Keep your parents fully caffeinated with organic fair trade coffee from Jack Henry. It’s a single-origin, small-batch blend sourced from Colombia and roasted in California. Ideal for any kind of coffee (hot or cold, you name it), it goes down smooth and will have them hooked. 

New parents will froth over this clip-on high chair. Easy to take on the go and compatible with just about any table under the sun, this thoughtful gift replaces any gross restaurant high chair and is a dependable option for taking little ones out to eat. 

Keep your parent’s space fresh as can be with this environmentally friendly air filter. Not only is it lovely to look at, but this amazing gift saves precious lungs from pollutants using natural materials and keeps traditional non-recyclable air filters out of landfills. 

But there’s more to it than just plants. The Briiv also connects to a smartphone for simple controls and updates on your filter’s health. Plus, it’s smart speaker compatible, which means you’re basically getting a houseplant and boombox all in one. Mum and dad are going to love this. 

If your parents are DIY fanatics or simply like to fix everything themselves, this toolset is a must-have and makes for a perfect last-minute gift. On top of allowing them to live out their Chip and Joanna Gaines fantasies, it will keep everything in one place, too. No more rummaging around in the spare drawer for a wrench. They can find all that they need in this handy box. 

Spice up their kitchen (literally) with this salt and pepper grinder set. One of the best gifts for parents who love a sleek-looking table, these ceramic grinders are a gorgeous addition to any dining set and will be the talk of any dinner party, guaranteed. 

The hygiene-obsessed parents will quickly fall in love with Quip, the revolutionary electric toothbrush that will keep their teeth clean without ever having to charge it. The battery lasts for three months, and the sleek, low-profile design is ideal for travel—great for mom and dad who are always on the go. 

The Custom Bundle kicks things up a notch with a toothbrush cover, minty toothpaste, floss, chewing gum, and $5 refills every three months. Definitely cheaper than CVS and way nicer, too.

Turn your parent’s bathroom into a spa with this bucket-style towel warmer. Not only will it keep them toasty during the winter months, but it also brings some luxury into an otherwise dull routine. Whether they stuff the device with towels, blankets, or pajamas, this towel warmer is one of the best gifts for parents who like a bit of pampering. 

If they’re headed to the grocery store or the beach, tote bags make the ideal gifts for parents, thanks to their versatile nature. This simple tote will make a huge splash thanks to the organic, heavyweight construction and simple Bound branding. Plus, it’s the perfect present if you’re on a tight budget or shopping for something last minute.

For a thoughtful gift parents will cherish forever, consider a customized house watercolor. All you have to do is send in a picture of wherever they call home, and the rest is taken care of. While it doesn’t come framed, it makes for a unique present they’ll gladly display wherever life takes them. 

If they have the travel bug, an Airbnb gift card is one of the best gifts for parents who’d rather receive an experience than another piece of junk. Not only does it take the pressure off you finding somewhere for them to stay, but it gives them the option to go anywhere in the world, making it an awesome birthday gift for parents with wanderlust. All they have to do is find their way there… The rest is taken care of. 

Get mom something she’ll actually wear, like this herringbone necklace and bracelet set. Plated in 18K gold with a durable construction, this set bypasses traditional retail pricing to make a stunning gift an affordable one. 

When it comes to dads, you can never go wrong with a belt. He can wear this woven suede number to work, the golf course, and anywhere in between. Except for maybe the couch, when he trades belt loops for basketball shorts. Whether you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for men or just want to show dad how much you care, this is a winner for sure. 

Dog parents will love this camera that allows them to keep an eye on their furry friends and even toss a treat or two when they’re not home. It pairs with a smartphone to send notifications when a dog is barking, and you can even talk through the app to calm the pup down. This is a must-have when it comes to gifts for parents, even if their only offspring is four-legged. 

Best of the Rest

When it comes to visiting your parent’s house, nothing screams ‘I’m coming home’ quite like a boatload of laundry. These dryer balls will make doing washing a breeze as they replace fabric softeners and last for more than 500 loads. Your parents may love these so much they’ll keep on doing your laundry for you. Everyone wins. 

If your ‘rents are constantly fumbling around for their keys or always searching for the guest set, offer an upgrade with this Italian leather key ring. This is one of the best gifts for parents who love to stay organized in style. With options of navy and black, it may be worth getting a key ring in both colors, so mom and dad don’t fight over who gets to use it on their set. 

One of the best gifts for parents with spick and span counters, this organization capsule is the ideal addition to their storage collection. Instead of a dinky plastic container, this leather capsule fits small items and looks good enough to leave out as a display. Whether it’s for their endless tangle of cords or loose items that don’t have a home, this capsule is a choice catchall and a luxurious storage solution.

Help your parents unwind in style with the complete Verso Body Collection. This shower set includes a body oil cleanser, lotion, and even a peel to keep them feeling fresh, even on down days.

If they’re still lugging that ancient vacuum around the house, a Roomba is one of the best gifts for parents out there. Instead of dragging a huge machine across the floors, the Roomba does all the heavy lifting for you. This smart vacuum cleaner can be scheduled via a smartphone and automatically trolls around looking for dirt. When it’s full, it even self-empties! This is one gift all parents will use.

Sure, mom and dad probably don’t need another set of cookware, but what about a pan that replaces the age-old set they already have? This cult-favorite pan from Our Place is designed for frying, steaming, braising, and more. It’s meant to take the place of eight pieces of traditional cookware to streamline the process and their cabinet space. It even comes in 13 different colors to match your parent’s personal style.

Be their backyard hero with this portable fire pit. This unique gift for parents will liven up their outside space and make for some good old-fashioned family fun. Light it up, bring out the marshmallows and make some s’mores. The best part is how easy it is to use, not to mention it has a smokeless design to mitigate the campfire smell. 

Any master baker will adore a KitchenAid, mom and dad included. The Artisan series comes in a 5-quart size, and the mixing bowl is outfitted with a convenient handle, unlike the standard KitchenAids. With 24 color options to choose from, you’re sure to find one to match their kitchen, and you’ll reap the benefits of next-level baked goods, too. 

If you’re shopping for parents who are short on outdoor space, this indoor garden is the perfect solution. Small enough to sit on the countertop but large enough to grow a boatload of herbs, this sleek gadget doesn’t require a green thumb. It even comes with a gourmet herb kit to get them started, leading to fresh greenery year-round.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like plush linens, which is why a bath towel set is one of the best gifts for parents. This set from Brooklinen is hotel-level plush and comes with two bath towels and two hand towels. Your parents will be wondering how they lived their entire life without them.

Level up your parent’s hosting game with this charcuterie board set. Their friends will gush over the unique design at their next dinner party, and if they’re not much for entertaining, they’re sure to enjoy it themselves over a movie night. Complete with cheese knives and serving bowls, hors d’oeuvres have never looked so good. 

Art, architecture, and design lovers will adore the century-anniversary coffee table book from Architectural Digest. From the depths of the archive comes this incredible edition full of work from the greatest architects the world has ever seen. And if that’s not enough, the pages are brimming with celebrity homes if your parents are constantly trolling Zillow for their next property. 

This Pinterest-worthy blender is one of the best gifts for parents on their latest health craze. Designed for smoothies and infused water, this fruit-forward gift is as functional as it is good-looking. Aside from being as smart a blender as they come, this device also comes with bottles and caps to take your drink on the go. Pretty much the gift that keeps on giving. 

Whether they’re coffee or tea people, this is one of the best gifts for parents who love a warm drink any time of day. This kettle was specially designed with a gooseneck spout for an ultra-precise pour, and it comes with a smart hot plate base for the ideal temperature every time. Besides, it’s about time they replace the ancient kettle that’s been on the counter forever. 

Replace your parent’s 10-year-old bottle of Aunt Jemima with the good stuff. This barrel-aged maple syrup not only makes for an outstanding gift but may also mean a sweet breakfast in your near future…

All parents need an alarm clock, and this is one for the purists out there. It’s pretty much as simple as they come and foregoes all the fancy tech like WiFi, Bluetooth, and a screen display. Instead, it utilizes an analog function and plays Grammy award-winning music at a gentle crescendo for a pleasant wakeup rather than ear-shattering horns. Talk about starting your day on the right foot.

If it’s time to retire the hard side cooler your parents have been lugging to the beach since your childhood, this YETI flip top is a worthy replacement. This world-famous chilly bin fits up to 12 cans (or plenty of snacks) when it’s full of ice, and it has a convenient carry strap for toting it anywhere they feel like having a cold one. 

Mom and dad join the twenty-first century? If so, Bluelight glasses are one of the best gifts for parents who love tech. Whether they spend all day staring at a computer for work or pass their evenings scrolling away, Bluelight glasses help to mitigate screen fatigue, all while protecting those eyeballs for years to come. Just be sure to get two pairs. Otherwise, they’ll fight over them (good thing this pair is unisex). 

Send your parents to the beach in style with this eye-catching blanket. With stunning colorways and a funky retro pattern (that they may recognize – you don’t have to tell them that), this is one of the best gifts for parents who spend their summers outside in the sun.

History, geography, and art buffs alike will cherish this relief map of the USA. Intricately designed and exceptionally detailed, this historic map from 1932 is overlaid with digital elevation data to create a compelling scene of the country. It’s printed on museum-quality paper to last a lifetime—bonus points if you have it framed for the perfect gift. 

In this day and age, there’s no such thing as too clean, so a cellphone sanitizer is certainly one of the best gifts for parents to keep them healthy. Cellphones are practically cesspools with how much bacteria they collect, and this sanitizer was designed to kill 99.99% of it using a UV light. It also doubles as a phone charger, which is always a welcome addition to anyone’s home. 

Homebodies will adore this couch cup holder because now they can reach their drink without having to lean forward to the coffee table. But really, this convenient contraption keeps items close at hand instead of buried between the cushions. With multiple cup holders, room for snacks, and even somewhere for the remote, this will quickly become your parent’s new favorite couch companion.

Give mom and dad a giggle with this coffee mug that states the obvious. Extra kudos if you have siblings. 

If you can’t afford a full-fledged spa vacation, this is one of the best gifts for parents. This shiatsu massager targets aches in the neck, shoulders, and back using a deep kneading motion. It’s fully adjustable to get a massage that works for the user, with variable speeds, pressure, and directions. The only consideration is you may want to get two so your parents don’t end up fighting over it. 

Streamline your parent’s mess of cords with this handy wireless charger. It’s extra large to accommodate up to three devices at one time, so mom and dad won’t have to argue over whose turn it is to use the kitchen charger. Just make sure their devices are compatible beforehand. 

Give your parents the gift of relaxation with this Puerto Rico-inspired puzzle. After a long day, or even on a sleepy Sunday, they can unwind by putting together a few pieces to create a stunning Latin American scene. And when it’s finished, it’ll make for an epic piece of art, too.

Parents too posh for their own good? Catch them watching the Queen’s Gambit one too many times? This chess set screams luxury with London-inspired pieces and a marble board. Even if they aren’t fanatics of the game, it’s an incredible statement piece for a high-end home. 

If your parents are always after the latest Apple gadget, treat them to a four-pack of the recently released AirTags. Easy on the wallet while still packing a huge punch, these AirTags will ensure your parents never lose another bag or set of keys once they’re paired with Apple’s Find My app.

What to Look For When Searching For The Best Gifts for Parents

When it comes to picking out the perfect gift for parents, keep the following considerations in mind. 

What They Like

First, think about what your parents like. Do they spend a ton of time outside? Are they homebodies? Spend a ton of time behind a computer? Or are they frequent jet setters? Thinking about what your parents like will help narrow down the options and ensure you get a gift they’ll appreciate.

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Their Hobbies

It also pays to think about their hobbies. Do your parents spend time gardening? Avid game people? Hosts with the most or always on some sort of road trip? Think about how your parents spend their time and what they actually enjoy doing. From there, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of gift they’ll enjoy. 

Their Lifestyle

Finally, consider the type of lifestyle your parents lead. If they’re workaholics, Bluelight glasses or an office accessory will serve them well. But if they’re retired, they may enjoy something they can use around the house, like a serving platter or wine glasses. Or even something to take on excursions like a drink bottle, tote bag, or beach towel. It all boils down to how your parents spend their time and what you can gift them to complement their lifestyle. 


    • If you want to surprise your parents with a gift, the first step is not to tell them. The second step is to wrap it well to conceal what’s on the inside and present it to them when they’re least expecting it. 

      • A good gift for parents depends on what they’re interested in. If they’re homebodies, a good gift for parents may be a blanket, towel set, serving platter, or glassware set. If they spend time outside, consider a tote bag, drink bottle, firepit, or dog camera. 

        • If you’re looking for a gift for parents who have everything, try something they can use daily like coffee, an interesting piece of art, a phone sanitizer, or a wireless phone charger.

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