26 Of The Best Bifold Wallets To Help Lighten Your Pockets

26 Of The Best Bifold Wallets To Help Lighten Your Pockets

Pockets full of crumpled cash is simply not a good look, no matter which way you spin it. You need a wallet. The best bifold wallets ensure your pockets stay tidy, without a stray bill or wadded-up receipt in sight. 

Plus, there’s nothing quite as impressive as pulling out a stunning bifold at the register. Preferably, one made from leather, in a striking colorway, ideally filled with heaps of cash to pay for your coffee. 

But even if you’re a bit cash-poor, a wallet is a worthy investment that will carry you through life’s big moments. Client dinners, first dates, and early morning coffee runs. Whatever the occasion, you’ll pick up the check-in style with the best bifold wallets for men.



A simple piece with a large statement. Roderer’s bifold wallet has everything expected from the best luxury wallets, minus the sky-high price tag. With the signature Roderer handmade construction and non-existent outside stitching, there’s no skimping on quality here. The fine detailing and steel crown creates a powerful wallet fit for royalty. 

Material: Soft-grain Italian Leather | Dimensions: 11.2x9cm | Colors Available: Black, Navy

What’s not to love about a tough leather bifold wallet? Troubadour made one simple enough for daily use, but it still has a high-end air. There’s no chance you’ll be ashamed to pull it out when the bill comes. Slimmer than most bifolds, it’s the ideal back pocket companion. Less bulk and more space to store your goods is never a bad thing. 

Material: Vegetable-tanned Italian Leather | Dimensions: 10x8cm | Colors Available: Black, Brown, Navy

Sophisticated with an air of luxury. A supple leather wallet is a timeless accessory that will take you far in life. Luca Faloni is well known (and loved) for crafting leather goods that pack a punch, and this bifold is no exception. The Italian-made bifold gives you a modern, slim design with a deceivingly large amount of space for cards. You can even choose from three neutral colorways, all with a pebbled leather exterior. You’re welcome. 

Material: Vegetable-tanned Italian Leather | Dimensions: 10.5x8cm | Colors Available: Brown, Blue, Black

A champagne wallet on a beer budget, this leather bifold gives off an air of luxury, even though it’s under $100. It’s almost impossibly slim but manages to boast a shocking number of features. Most noteworthy is the designated business card slot tucked away in the bill pocket and the pull tab for accessing less used cards. Ten colorways and RFID protection aren’t a bad bonus, either. So go ahead and get this for yourself or any fashionable men in your life. Wallets backed by a three-year warranty are confident for a reason. 

Material: Premium Leather | Dimensions: 10.2x9cm | Colors Available: 10 Options

Campbell Cole’s bifold wallet offers a slight twist on a classic design. Of course, you still get the signature bifold flap. But there’s also a snazzy zippered coin purse to keep change from rattling around in your pockets. The vertical design has enough room for all your cards, and the cash slot leaves no bills behind. This is one of the best men’s bifold wallets when it comes to keeping everything in a single compact package.  

Material: Full-grain Italian Leather | Dimensions: 12.5×7.5cm | Colors Available: Navy, Black, Khaki

If the softest calfskin leather sounds appealing to you, this is one of the best bifold wallets for men. Instead of standard wallet card slots, geometric cutouts form a V-shape inside each flap. It really is a prime example of an artistic wallet. Any man seeking an exclusive statement piece for his collection, this is it. If you tend to gravitate toward darker shades, you have three stunning options. But the creamy beige is plenty eye-catching. 

Material: Calfskin Leather | Dimensions: 10.8×9.7cm | Colors Available: Beige, Navy, Gray, Brown, +

Eco-friendly is the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or elegance. Neutrale’s Spanish-made recycled option is giving other men’s bifold wallets a run for their money (pun intended). Though the recycled leather is nothing to write home about, the soft lining adds extra protection. The brand has a special focus on sustainability, so this is one purchase you can feel great about. It’s also a minimalist’s dream, featuring two card slots and nothing else. One of the best bifold wallets for men who want that barely-there feeling. 

Material: Recycled Leather Fibers | Dimensions: 13x10cm | Colors Available: Navy, Black, Gray

Stripped down to the bare bones minimalists thrive on. There’s only enough room for the essentials in this vegetable-tanned wonder. Made by hand in Portugal, the material will develop a unique patina over time to become your own signature piece. And with only four card slots and a single bill sleeve, it’s optimal for the man focused on basics. Style and function—that definitely falls under the umbrella of best bifold wallets.  

Material: Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 10.5x8cm | Colors Available: Beige, Gray, Brown, Black

Intricately woven design and compliment-worthy construction? Check. Crafted carefully in Italy and finished with French stitching? Absolutely. A powerfully elegant statement piece? That goes without saying. The stylish design includes ten card slots and two note pockets, making it an excellent wallet upgrade for any man. And since Velasca values tradition and innovation, you can expect an interesting piece that will last for years. 

Material: Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 11×9.5cm | Colors Available: Brown

Mismo keeps it simple with this aesthetically pleasing bifold cardholder. Designed with convenience in mind, it only has room for the most necessary items. Fair warning, it’s so slim you may forget it’s in your pocket. But it’s also sure to rack up oohs and ahhs whenever you pull it out. It really is true that the best things in life come in small packages. 

Material: Smooth Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 7x10cm | Colors Available: Tabac, Black, Natural

Nothing says “I’m rich!” quite like a Gucci wallet (or Gucci anything, for that matter). While some can be a tad tacky, this dialed-down black bifold has just the right amount of oomph. Debossed double Gs and the iconic red and green Gucci web, this wallet is dripping in luxury. It’s an investment, but it will never go out of style. To truly make it yours, opt to have your initials added for a classy, custom touch.  

Material: Gucci Signature Leather | Dimensions: 11.4×8.9cm | Colors Available: Black/Green/Red, Black/Black/Red

Finding a better leather wallet than Montblanc won’t be easy. Their massive contribution to the world of luxury leather goods is very well known. And this bifold stays true to the company’s roots. The textured leather construction and Montblanc emblem are instantly recognizable. Now you can stuff anything into your wallet with a style that’s impossible to beat.  

Material: Textured Calf Leather | Dimensions: 11x9cm | Colors Available: Green

Ah, the luxurious wallet for the extravagant man. Nothing says fine accessories like the initials YSL. This bifold proudly sports the household emblem in a pared-back black instead of the brand’s signature gold. Great for the low-key guy who still wants to make a designer statement. With a slim design and an internal money clip, this is one of the best bifold wallets for fellas seeking a slight change from the ordinary. 

Material: Calf Leather | Dimensions: 11.5×8.5cm | Colors Available: Black/Black, Black/Gold, Black Croc

Taking up next to no room, this nifty wallet has a durable full-grain leather exterior. It’s also outfitted with card slots and a chic interior money clip to do away with unnecessary bulk. Topped off with an unconditional one-year warranty, this is an accessory you’ll wonder how you lived so long without. Not to mention the attractive budget price makes it ideal for the guy who’s low on cash but high on style. 

Material: Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 10.5×5.5cm | Colors Available: Olive, Brown

Vertical men’s bifold wallets are all the rage, and this one from Void hits the mark perfectly. This understated palm-sized leather wallet is best for men who keep things light. It only has a few card slots and a small pocket to keep bills close, meaning only the essentials get to come along for the ride. That simplicity does have style, though. The Swedish vegetable-tanned leather will soften over time for a gorgeous patina. 

Material: Swedish Vegetable-tanned Leather | Dimensions: 10×6.5cm | Colors Available: Black, Cognac

It’s hard to find a wallet as recognizable as Bottega Veneta’s signature intrecciato weave. Even harder to miss when it’s in the brand’s signature bright green colorway. But if you’re eager for the design without the luminous hue, this fan favorite designer wallet also comes in classic black. There are card slots galore and even a snap pouch for spare change. This classic is tough to beat.  

Material: Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 10.5x9cm | Colors Available: Black, Green

Looking for something slightly different than a traditional leather wallet? This polyester bifold is a fun option with plenty of room for self-expression. Coming in 25 colors and patterns, there’s a Herschel wallet for every man. Laid-back black, bright yellow, a funky dotted blue—the options are almost endless. Did we mention it’s budget friendly and nearly indestructible? This wallet is definitely a solid companion for the adventurous man.  

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 8.9×11.2cm | Colors Available: 25 Options

Nothing makes a statement quite like bright orange. If you want a men’s wallet that does the talking for you, this Celine Homme option certainly does the trick. Featuring a tremendous amount of room in a compact design, there are card slots and two bill pockets, and an internal coin pouch. So if you’re sick of loose change rattling around in your pockets, consider this colorful wallet. And one thing’s for certain; there’s no losing this neon bad boy. Though if you’re after something more low-key, it also comes in black.

Material: Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 12×10.5cm | Colors Available: Orange, Black

Understated yet impossibly sleek, this Italian leather dream packs a bifold punch. Berluti has been honing their leather craft for more than 120 years, so they’re a clear frontrunner when it comes to the best bifold wallets. The deep green already adds an extra layer of panache, but there’s more. The plentiful card slots and bill sleeve are accompanied by n external pocket. Rom to throw in anything extra and still look polished as hell.

Material: Venezia-calf Leather | Dimensions: 11x9cm | Colors Available: Green

For the practical man who values function and style, this tactical bifold wallet is a top pick. Combining leather flaps with an aluminum frame, this wallet can hold it all without becoming cumbersome. It fits a whopping twelve cards and even has an ID window, so you can always find what you’re looking for with ease. It’s also about half the size of a smartphone and comes with a silicon band to strap in cash. Not too shabby, Muradin. 

Material: Leather & Aviation Aluminum | Dimensions: 10.6×7.6cm | Colors Available: 19 Options

Household name Fossil knows a thing or two about leather… It’s pretty obvious why they made the list of the best bifold wallets. This simple billfold is nothing short of classic, with quality leather construction and a practical interior. We love it for the RFID blocking technology (great for travelers) and the ID window that flips out. Plus, their neutral colorways make it easy to match this slick wallet to any individual style. 

Material: Cowhide Leather | Dimensions: 11.4×8.9cm | Colors Available: Brown, Dark Brown, Navy

Rugged, tried, and true. If those words made you think of Carhartt, you’ll love their Western bifold wallet. It’s the one to choose if you’re looking for some extra space. Longer than typical wallets, this triple-stitched leather bifold has a cotton lining, six card slots, and a long bill pocket. But the devil’s in the details. Notice the contrast stitching and the hidden key ring to keep your valuables close at hand. Durable enough for a cowboy, stylish enough for a fashionista, and functional enough for… Well, everyone else.

Material: Leather & Duck Cotton | Dimensions: 18.4×8.8cm | Colors Available: Brown

For the ultimate budget wallet, this men’s bifold fits the bill (literally). Ultra slim with easy access to cards and cash, this faux leather wallet massively cuts down on the amount of crap in your pockets. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave all your stuff at home. This wallet fits eleven cards, cash in a money clip, and an ID without growing thicker than a smartphone. Take everything with you but not realize it’s there. Perfect. 

Material: Faux Leather | Dimensions: 11.4×7.8cm | Colors Available: 14 Options

Fashion giant Calvin Klein knows what he’s doing regarding leather accessories. With wallets as sturdy as the brand’s iconic belts and briefcases, this is a must-have for any man’s collection. Show your serious, refined side, whether you’re hitting client lunches or crushing first dates. Whatever the activity is, all the good stuff will stay safe and sound in this wallet. Mostly because Calvin thought of everything, including stash pockets behind the card slots. 

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 7.6×11.4cm | Colors Available: Black, Brown, Navy, Gray

Where luxury meets streetwear, you’ll find Acne Studios with a plethora of accessories for the modern man. Their dialed-down bifold design features four card slots and enough room for folded-up bills. Stamped with the signature Acne Studios logo in silver, this wallet will be the source of envy whenever you go.  

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 7.5×10.5cm | Colors Available: Brown, Black

Take the red bottoms to your pants pocket with a Christian Louboutin wallet. Luxury bifolds like this are a staple for men who enjoy the finer things in life. The stunning slate gray with the brand’s iconic red lining the interior screams exclusivity. And even though it’s high-end, it doesn’t skimp on practicality. There’s plenty of room for cards, bills, and receipts, all wrapped up in a powerful little package.  

Material: Full-grain Leather | Dimensions: 9x11cm | Colors Available: Anthracite/Red

What to Look for in a Bifold Wallet

When you’re choosing from the best bifold wallets, these are the key considerations to keep at the front of your mind:


Material majorly contributes to the look, feel, and lifespan of your wallet. So picking one made with high-quality material and construction goes a long way.

Generally, the best bifold wallets are made from full-grain leather, which is tough, durable, and long-lasting. You’ll find most designer and luxury wallets offered in premium full-grain leather. But you can also find more budget-friendly options made from the same material. Full-grain leather can be quite rigid to start with but softens over time, making it a top pick in the world of bifold materials. 

Other materials include polyester and canvas, though these are generally found in less expensive wallets and have a much shorter lifespan than genuine leather. However, they’re a great material option for more rugged use and often come in many different colorways.


Traditional bifold dimensions are around 11cm by 9cm, though this can vary drastically. If you’re looking for a slim design that easily slips into your pocket, stick as close to these dimensions as possible. If you’re looking for a little more room, opt for a bifold with larger dimensions, like a Western or Rodeo wallet, which can be as long as 19cms.  

Void Watches


Colors like black and brown leather wallets go with just about everything and give off a sophisticated, business-like air. But wallets are also a great place to let your personality shine, and plenty of luxury wallets lean into this by offering tons of bright, spunky colors. From neon oranges to signature greens, you can find almost any color in the realm of best bifold wallets. It simply boils down to personal preference.


    • Thanks to the extra flap in the design, trifold wallets can hold more than bifolds. But the tradeoff here is trifolds often look much bulkier in pockets than bifolds.

      • Before they’re broken in, leather bifold wallets can be super rigid and may even break cards. The leather will eventually soften with time, preventing this. But in the meantime, to keep cards from breaking, place each one in its own individual slot, and choose a wallet that’s lined with fabric. It also helps to avoid putting your wallet in your back pocket. The stress from sitting on your cards may be enough to snap them.

        • A bifold is a wallet with two flaps that typically fold in half in the middle. Most bifolds have a bill pocket, and some even have a compartment for change.

          • The main difference between a bifold and a trifold wallet is that bifolds have two flaps, while trifolds have three. Because of this, trifold wallets may have a larger capacity than bifolds, but bifolds are a slimmer option.

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