23 Of The Best Minimal Wallets To Lighten Your Pockets

23 Of The Best Minimal Wallets To Lighten Your Pockets

If your wallet hasn’t bored a hole into your ass cheek and induced a fiery sciatic nerve, you haven’t been using a wallet long enough. Or you were smart enough to start using your front pockets.

Either way, if you haven’t ditched chubby, paper-weight billfolds, then there’s no time like the present to switch to one of the best minimal wallets on the market.

Currently, there are a plethora of the best minimalist wallets made from a number of ridiculous things. Even recycled sailcloth is used in wallet construction these days. It can be a rough choice, but FashionBeans is here to get your back.

We put together a list of the best minimalist wallets you’ll find on Amazon and beyond, so you don’t have to do the digging.



flaxpentopaper / Instagram

Bellroy’s Hide and Seek wallet is a shining example of why Bellroy is rising to the top of the wallet food chain fast. The Hide and Seek wallet delivers everything you’d want as a minimalist. It looks sleek, holds the necessities, and doesn’t create a sciatica-inducing glute bruising bulge in your back pocket. Plus, it has a secret (hence the name).

Inside the bill pocket, there’s an extra concealed pocket for coins or cash you want to stash away. It’s a subtle yet functional enough novelty to place it ahead of its rivals in the race for “Best Overall.” It’s also premium, eco-tanned leather that will last so long it could be a family heirloom. 

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 3.3” x 4.5” | Colors Available: Basalt, Black, Caramel, Java, + | RFID Blocking: Yes

If you haven’t heard of Troubadour, it’s about time they’re on your radar. Troubadour makes some of the best luxury accessories we’ve ever seen at an affordable price (as far as luxury items are concerned, at least), and that goes double for their wallets. 

They check off all the high-end minimalist boxes with the swivel wallet. Italian leather? Check. Small form factor? Done. Swivel hinge? Check. Wait, what? 

Yes, this wallet has a swivel. If you’ve never heard of that, that’s because good swivel wallets are a rarity. It’s hard to copy because, without solid materials, the hinge will die out quickly. The ease of use with this little wallet is awesome—just flip it open and grab what you need. 

Material: Vegetable-tanned Italian Leather  | Dimensions: 4.4” x 2.5” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: No

Artisan Lab is another incredible group of leather workers creating the best minimal wallets. Its features are at a minimum (sounds crazy for a minimalist wallet, we know), but what it does, it does perfectly. Sleek and smooth, this leather wallet oozes class.

Elegant in its simplicity, this leather will age like fine wine. You can expect it to get even smoother and softer than it is when you buy it. If you want to see a classic wallet in a new light and have style to spare, this might be the one for you.

Material: Italian Leather  | Dimensions: 4.13” x 3.35” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

If you’re in the market for one of the best minimal wallets, but the others are a mite too big, this might be your new go-to cash keeper. Mismo’s Mini wallet has everything a normal zip wallet does, it’s just tiny.

With this little guy, you can still be the classy shopper you want to be but with more pocket room. This guy rocks a hand polished, smooth as silk YKK zipper, sexy vegetable-tanned leather, and plenty of room for your money while staying nice and mini. 

Material: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 3” x 2” | Colors Available: Black, Tobacco | RFID Blocking: Yes

Does it really get any more minimal than cardholders? They’re just a slab of leather with a couple of slits, so we don’t think so. If you want as minimal as possible, you might want to consider Oliver Cabell’s excellent leather card holder. It only has four slots for cards and a center pouch for some folded cash. And isn’t that all you really need? 

To top it off, it sports the iconic signature of the man himself, Oliver Cabell, embossed in gold across the front. It doesn’t matter if you know Mr. Cabell’s story or not, the script looks official as hell. That slick gold will flash out whenever the light catches it, so onlookers will know where you got your awesome leather. 

Material: Italian Leather | Dimensions: 3.75” x 3” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

You may have heard of a card case, but how about a card wallet? It’s exactly what it sounds like—a mash-up of a zip wallet and a card case. Which equates to a zip wallet with a few slots on the front for your most important cards. And don’t forget, it’s Mismo.

Mismo makes some of the best leather products on the planet, and this wallet is no exception to the rule. It’s made from 100% smooth, full grain, vegetable-tanned leather, so you know it will be softer than a baby’s rear (not that we go around testing baby bottoms). It also boasts a premium YKK zipper that will never lock up and leave you looking like a fool at the register.

Material: Vegetable-tanned Leather  | Dimensions: 3” x 3” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

All money clips are definitely not created equally. If you think you want to try out a minimalist wallet but still want a money clip, Konack created your best option. This super-slim bifold wallet houses a money clip to keep your cash tied down. The lack of a billfold cuts down on material and, therefore, width—so this bad boy is minuscule.

Toss in RFID protection, an ID window, and an easy access sleeve for a few choice cards, and you’ve got one of the best minimalist wallets for men. 

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 4.3” x 2.7” | Colors Available: Carbon, Black, Tan, Brown, + | RFID Blocking: Yes

You already know Bellroy makes some of the overall best minimal wallets. Well, we couldn’t resist recommending them for the best minimalist leather wallet too. Their features are slick, and the leather working is just so damn good that it’s hard not to point people toward Bellroy.

The Note wallet differs slightly from the Hide and Seek. If you guessed that the Note doesn’t include the same hidden compartment as the Hide and Seek, you nailed it. This is basically a slightly cut-down version of that excellent wallet. So if you don’t care about the secret spaces, you might want to save a few dollars and pick up this one instead.

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 4” x 3.5” | Colors Available: 11 Color Options | RFID Blocking: Yes

Bifold wallets really show the impact that minimalist designs have made on the world of cash-keeping. It has the bells and whistles of your grandpa’s bifold but looks more like a high-end cell phone from the mid-2000s.

It also holds some great features, like easy access to your most-used card, a secret compartment under the inner card holder, and an aluminum build. It’s hard to argue with features like that in a wallet this slim and inexpensive. If you want to try one of the best minimal wallets in bifold form, this might be your best bet.

Material: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 4.2” x 3” | Colors Available: 20 Colors | RFID Blocking: Yes

The Ridge may be the most well-known creator of the best minimal wallets. There’s a reason for that. They combine great features with a rigid build and set the bar high for this new class of wallet. It still holds one to twelve cards and some cash in the cash strap, but it doesn’t leave a huge bubble in your pocket like in ye olden days.

It isn’t the cheapest wallet, though. There are tons of copycats out there that can be had for cheaper. That said, you aren’t just paying for a name with The Ridge. You’re paying for quality and a lifetime guarantee. These things just won’t break down. You could bury it for weeks, then dig it up like a jar of kimchi, and it’ll be better than ever. Probably.

Material: Carbon Fiber  | Dimensions: 3.4” x 2.13” | Colors Available: 8 Colors | RFID Blocking: Yes

You’re missing out if you’ve never had a Mighty wallet. They’re made from the same high-density polyethylene that was most likely used in the construction of your home, so they’re strong as hell yet paper-thin. This thing will do fine being washed countless times (trust me). It’ll probably survive the apocalypse with the cockroaches.

They’re modeled after the tried-and-true bifold design with several card slots and two cash compartments, but since it’s all paper, it stays slim. These wallets are also packed with personality, and Dynamighty is always dropping new designs. So if you don’t like this oddball picture, just search mighty wallet on Amazon or hit the official mighty wallet site. We’re confident you’ll find one you love.

Material: Tyvek  | Dimensions: 4” x 3.2” | Colors Available: Dozens of Designs | RFID Blocking: No

With innovations in the world come innovations in wallets. If you have an Apple device, you already know how Apple’s Airtag tracking system works. Basically, it’s impossible to lose this Furig Airtag wallet. Even the most absent-minded men will have trouble misplacing this entry.

As long as the Airtag isn’t destroyed, you can track the wallet.

Aside from that amazing gimmick, it has all the functionality of a modern metal wallet. It holds all your cards, has a money clip, and does it all in a sleek form factor that won’t screw your back up. 

Material: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 3.4” x 2.1” | Colors Available: 13 Colors | RFID Blocking: Yes

Fantom took cues from The Ridge’s minimalist success story, and it’s their best competitor in terms of materials, build quality, and functionality. It doesn’t get any more dapper than a minimalist wallet made of wonderful woods like walnut or bamboo. If you want a cash-keeper that will turn heads when you’re footing the bill, this is the one. 

You can also opt for slim, slimmer, and slimmest sizes depending on how many cards you need. Plus, a number of amazing modular add-ons (a couple of things the ridge wallet does not offer). 

Material: Hardwood (or carbon fiber) & Aluminum  | Dimensions: 4” x 2.5” | Colors Available: Walnut, Bamboo, Carbon Fiber | RFID Blocking: Yes

If leather, metal, or tyvek aren’t for you, why not try nylon? Nylon makes for a light but sturdy wallet. Allett put together a great bi-fold here that’s perfect for the beach, hanging poolside, or anywhere else your goods might get wet. We wouldn’t go diving with this wallet and expect our bills to stay dry, but it’s effective if a friend splashes you or a nephew sprays you with a water gun. 

It’s not the smallest of the bunch, but it’s definitely thin and has enough merits to separate it from the other entries in this guide. If you want an excellent beach holiday option, this might be the best minimalist wallet for you.

Material: Nylon  | Dimensions: 5” x 4” | Colors Available: Green, Blue, Black, Mulberry, + | RFID Blocking: Yes

With their Stealth Diamond wallet, Airo Collective has produced the world’s thinnest luxury wallet. At least according to themselves. We put that claim to the test, and the Airo wallet is indeed thin as hell. But is it the thinnest luxury wallet? That depends on what you consider a luxury wallet because we have some shockingly thin entries in this guide.

What we can say definitively is that the Stealth Diamond is one amazing luxury accessory. This isn’t only the kind of wallet people can’t help but notice, but it’s one we can’t help but recommend. We’ve never heard of nano-engineered diamond leather, but there’s a video of a large-mitted man trying to tear the wallet on their site, and he can’t do it. 

Not exactly a scientific experiment, but it gets the job done.

Material: Nano-engineered Diamond Leather  | Dimensions: 3.6” x 2.7” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

Gucci’s Ophidia wallet dances right on the line between minimalist wallets and the classics. It’s cut down just enough to include in the guide (as far as we’re concerned), and Gucci’s name recognition is tough to beat for luxury shoppers. If you want to get attention when you’re pulling out the green (you’re a brave soul), those golden intertwined Gucci double Gs will always catch eyes.  

This wallet costs more than a lot of people make in a week, so it’s a pretty serious investment. It’s also the reason you’ll want people to notice it. And boy will they notice. It’s rimmed by black alligator leather, a moire lining that looks like the sexiest oil-slick you’ve ever seen, and sports those twinkling golden Gs.

Material: Italian Leather  | Dimensions: 4.3” x 3.5” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

Sailcloth isn’t used often in wallet construction, but we’re glad some companies are giving it a shot. Not only did Flowfold create a nearly impossible-to-destroy wallet (if you’ve never handled sail cloth, take our word for it that the stuff will not rip), but they’re finding amazing uses for recycled sails.

The best minimal wallets has everything you need, plus, as you might have guessed, it’s thin as hell. If you’re the type to hang out at the dock or yacht club, this is also a perfect wallet for staying on brand. It’s completely waterproof. This thing could sit at the bottom of a pool for months and be fine. Seriously. 

Any sailor buddies you have will go crazy over this one.

Material: Sailcloth  | Dimensions: 4.4” x 2.5” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: No

If you’ve been avoiding the best minimal wallets because of the high entry fee, this is your chance to give them a spin. Generic (this is actually the brand name) put together a slab that does everything The Ridge’s famous wallet does at less than 20% of the price. 

For the most part, people on Amazon love it. The only complaint people have is the deterioration due to lesser quality materials than pricier brands. That’s just to be expected on a metal wallet this cheap, but at this price, we really can’t complain.

Material: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 3.2” x 2.1” | Colors Available: Blue, Black, Gold, Gray, + | RFID Blocking: Yes

You might think “minimal slim” sounds redundant, and you wouldn’t exactly be wrong… Usually. In this case, it’s an exclamation point on the achievement that is Airo Collective’s Stealth Razor Wallet. It’s something of a younger brother to Airo Collective’s other entry in this guide, the Stealth Diamond. 

The Stealth focuses on sleekness as opposed to extreme durability (it’s no thicker than two credit cards). But still, Airo claims the Stealth is 15 times stronger than steel. That doesn’t mean it can double as a hammer, but it will definitely withstand tears for a lifetime. 

Airo Collective is putting out some stunning products for fair prices; they are definitely worth being on your short-list.   

Material: UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) | Dimensions: 3.9” x 3” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

The Dango M1 Maverick Spec Ops is the action star of the best minimal wallets. The Spec-Ops model transforms into a different animal. If you’re a badass, definitely get one. Even if you aren’t a badass, it’ll make you one.

It comes with a multi-tool that slips neatly into this RFID blocking mastermind. This little tool is great for emergencies. It can pry a nail out of your foot, then open a beer after you patch yourself up. You can craft a masterpiece sculpture with the chisel, then fight off a mountain lion with the bladed edge. 

Of course, it will also keep your cards and a little cash tucked away neatly. If you want to be more Bruce Wayne than Batman, you can swap the Spec-Ops multi-tool for a dapper little leather flap.

Material: Aluminum  | Dimensions: 4.3” x 3” | Colors Available: Olive Green, Black/Blue | RFID Blocking: Yes

Gucci really nailed what a minimalist designer wallet should be with the Marmont. It’s simple looking (it is minimalist, after all), but the heat stamped effect gives a textured appearance and feel to the calf-skin leather that lesser wallets could never hope to match. It sports Gucci’s signature golden Gs proudly, of course, so whoever sees you bust it out will know what’s up.

This is one wallet that will last a lifetime. But if you’re willing to spend hundreds on a Gucci wallet, you’ll probably have another in six months at the latest (all the more power to you, we’re not judging).

Material: Italian Calf-skin Leather  | Dimensions: 4.25” x 3” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: No

Pop-up wallets have made a splash lately, and it’s easy to see why. In the world of minimalism, pop-up wallets are near the pinnacle. It might not seem like much, but they managed to make it a lot simpler to stuff all your cards and papers into one tiny space. 

Instead of fishing through a tightly packed stack, you just push a button and bam, there are your cards to pick from, nice and neat. Just don’t drop it while they’re out, or you might end up with a pile of cash and plastic at your feet.

Material: Italian Leather | Dimensions: 3.75” x 3” | Colors Available: Black | RFID Blocking: Yes

If you’d never heard of elastic wallets until this entry, then join the club. Since minimalist wallets have been on the rise the past several years, Thread Wallets took it upon themselves to do some innovating. They took aim and nailed it with this one.  

Leather wallets are tried and true, and metal wallets are great but old news. Elastic is the new kid on the block, and it’s catching on. Since it’s just a strip of thin material, they don’t get much thinner than this. It isn’t even as wide as a credit card, but it will still hold all your cards and cash firmly in place.

Plus, it comes in some unique and artsy designs so you can express yourself a little. You’ve got our attention, Thread Wallets.

Material: Elastic Fabric | Dimensions: 2.2” x 3” | Colors Available: 16 Colors & Designs

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Minimal Wallet


The first thing to consider is the style of wallet you want. The best “minimalist wallets” is more of an umbrella term than an actual style.

First off, there are leather minimalist wallets. These are the most like those old-school billfold wallets your dads and grandpas probably used. You won’t be able to fit family photos or dozens of cards around like it’s the 90s, but we’ve got cell phones to hold that for us.

Metal wallets have become huge over the past decade or so, and they’re definitely worth all the fuss. They fit all your most important cards and a little cash between a few thin metal slabs and a money band/clip. Much better on your body than a typical fatty wallet. 

A few other types of the best minimal wallets are tyvek, elastic, sailcloth, and nylon wallets. Elastic wallets look barely any different from a wristband but work like a charm. Tyvek wallets will last forever, literally, and they’re paper thin. Sailcloth and nylon bi-folds are great but slightly thicker than tyvek (though not by much). 


All minimalist wallets are thin—that’s kind of a given. What does change are the height and length. Some of the best minimal wallets are nearly the same dimension as their “classic” bifold and trifold cousins, and others are barely bigger than a credit card.

It’s best to decide how much pocket real estate you want your money-managing accessory to take up and what exactly you’ll need to have with you, then go from there. The dimensions are listed below every entry in the guide, so you won’t have any trouble making a choice.

everydaycarry / Instagram

RFID Blocking

In a world where identity theft is commonplace, RFID is one other important factor to consider. The majority of wallets in this guide have an RFID blocker in place so your card can’t be skimmed by sketchy passersby. But some of our favorites, like Mighty Wallet and Gucci Marmont, opt out of this feature. 

RFID blocking isn’t a make-or-break feature for all of us, but if you’re sitting on a hefty bank account or have awesome credit, you might want to consider that little peace of mind when buying the best minimal wallets for men.


    • A minimalist wallet is any wallet that aims to lighten the load in your pocket. They don’t have 100 card slots to fit your entire business card collection or plastic slips that fit family photos (again, we have phones for that). Instead, you can only carry the necessities.

      It’s a great way to lessen the bulk. You don’t need a big mess in your pocket at all times. If you have any more questions, check out the guide we put together above and learn the secrets of wallet minimalism.

      • Some minimal wallets hold cards in slots just like “normal” wallets do. They just cut down the 10-15 card slots to 2-4. Metal wallets grip them between two miniature metal slabs. And elastic wallets just wrap tightly around the cards like, well, elastic, to hold them in place. 

        • Deciding on the best minimalist wallet really comes down to taste. We chose a leather minimalist wallet from Bellroy, the Hide and Seek model, as our overall best. If you’re tired of leather, our guide contains the best men’s minimal wallets of all types. Whether you’re interested in leather, metal, tyvek, or any other material, scroll up to see 23 of the best minimal wallets for men.

          • advances in wallet technology we’ve seen since the introduction of the leather wallet hundreds of years ago. There’s really no good reason not to get one. Especially if you value not destroying your ass and back with a fat stack of cards and/or cash. 

            Your sciatica (or lack thereof, if you opt for men’s minimal wallets) will thank you.

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