20 Of The Best Cargo Pants For Men That Deserve A Place In

20 Of The Best Cargo Pants For Men That Deserve A Place In

We always knew this day would come. And here it is, friends. Here it is…

The day we must reckon with the fact that the best cargo pants for men are here to stay. Not only that (and this part’s key), you don’t have to be an angsty ‘90s teen or “guy who can’t stop talking about zero-turn riding mowers” to wear them.

In fact, men’s cargo pants are arguably better now than they’ve ever been—at least outside of their military context. Better materials. Better fit. Just… better.   

Still with us? 

Good. Because we’re about to take you on a fantastical voyage through the top 20 best cargo pants for men. From slim fit and designer options to cargo pants made with hiking and tactical pursuits in mind, we’ve got you covered. Especially your thighs. With pockets. Lots of pockets.

Onward, brave sartorial souls. 


novamen / Instagram

Luxurious linen, wool, tussah silk, and a head-turning herringbone pattern come together to shroud your legs in… well, cargo pants. But these are the type of cargo pants that demand attention. The type of impeccably tailored garment that was woven in Italy and wouldn’t dare have thigh pockets. 

Oh, but it does. And it’s glorious. 

One reason these impressive men’s cargo pants took the top spot on our list is their versatility. You’re working with a nice hybrid design that can be dressed up with a sweater or kept casual with a t-shirt or linen button-down. 

Material: Linen, Wool, Silk | Size Range: 28-38 Inches | Inseam: 32-34 Inches | Best for: Rooftop Cocktails | Care: Dry Clean | Fit: Straight 

If you’re looking for a smart, comfortable, casual pair of cargo pants that fit like a glove and have a little compass emblazoned on the left leg, congratulations—the search is over. Also, that last part was pretty specific. 

Stone Island’s slim-fit, garment-dyed, cotton-blend twill cargo trousers are not only a mouthful, they’re a handsome and carefully constructed pair of pants standing at the ready to compliment the casual side of your closet. 

Material: Cotton, Elastane | Size Range: 28-38 | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Casual Après-ski Day Drinks | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Slim 

Eight pockets. That’s a lot of pockets. But not if you’re the type of guy who likes to get out there and cast a rod every now and then. Hunting? Sure, pockets could come in handy for that, too. Pockets aside, 5.11 has put together a technical masterpiece complete with its ripstop fabric, soil resistance, double-reinforced knee, and triple stitching, to name a few features. 

And if someone happens to ask if you’re up for a post-hunt brewery run, consider these an acceptable addition to your lower half. 

Material: Polyester, Cotton | Size Range: 28-54 | Inseam: 30” Unhemmed | Best for: Hunting, Fishing, Hiking | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Regular 

Streetwear doesn’t necessarily have to scream “Streetwear” from the rooftops to fit the bill. It needs to be casual. And comfortable. And to perform when you need it to. That’s all. 

And all the better if it comes in the form of this pair of impeccably constructed cargo pants from Saturdays that can chameleon their way under any t-shirt, baggy sweater, or oversized flannel without breaking a sweat. They’re super cozy thanks to an elastic waistband and drawstring and super sturdy thanks to features like double darts around the knees. 

Material: Cotton, Polyester | Size Range: XS-XXL | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Skating, Lounging | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Straight Leg 

Saturdays NYC Bosewell Cargo Pant

Carhartt knows a thing or two about manufacturing rugged work gear that looks as good in the city as it does in the field. Their Ripstop Cargo Work pant is certainly no exception. You’ve got a lot of technical nuggets in play here, from the FastDry technology designed to wick sweat and keep your legs cool to Carhartt’s Rugged Flex feature for increased mobility on the job site. 

Make no mistake about it—from the boot-friendly straight-leg opening to their reinforced pockets, these are work pants made for work. That said, the handsome quotient of these men’s cargo pants is still off the charts, making them more versatile than meets the eye. 

Material: Cotton, Polyester | Size Range: 30-50 Inches | Inseam: 30-36 Inches | Best for: Manual Labor or Casual Daywear | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Relaxed 

Carhartt Forced Relaxed Fit Ripstop Cargo Work Pant

These incredibly tough and durable leg sheaths from L.L. Bean have everything you want in a pair of hiking pants. They’re lightweight, breathable, roomy, stretchy, and abrasion-proof for when you’re deep in the bush. Bonus points for the UPF 50+ fabric to help protect you from the sun. 

Speaking of the sun, these cargo pants turn into cargo shorts. Unzip them just above the knee, and you’ve got yourself a pair of shorts for those hot summer hikes. We’re intentionally opting out of the low-hanging dad jokes here, but only because they’re hiking pants.  

Material: Nylon, Spandex | Size Range: 30-44 Inches | Inseam: 29-36 Inches | Best for: Hiking | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Standard 

We see you, guy who just wants a pair of the best men’s cargo pants minus any bells and whistles. Not only do we see you, we’ll raise you a pair of Dickies’ most gloriously simplistic cargo pants for a gloriously simplistic price. 

Under $40, these handsome slim-fit pants still boast a flexible fabric, moisture-wicking capabilities, and the uncanny ability to un-dad even the most dad-like cargo pants in existence. Don’t thank us, thank… okay, thank us. 

Material: 100% Cotton | Size Range: 28-38 Inches | Inseam: 30-34 Inches | Best for: All Casual Occasions | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Slim

Dickies Slim-Fit Straight-Leg Cargo Pants

Not everyone can pull off this look from Bottega Veneta, but we have faith in you. The key is breaking them out under the optimal circumstances only—not a moment before or after. Gallery openings. Loft parties in the city. Alfresco fêtes. 

These are all acceptable venues for this wool-blend felt pair of designer cargo pants featuring side-zip pockets and intriguing details throughout (hello, V-shaped buckle on the integrated belt). This is for the gentleman who intentionally leaves a bit of closet real estate vacant exclusively for statement pieces.   

Material: Wool, Elastane | Size Range: 30-32 Inches | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Gallery Openings, Alfresco Fêtes | Care: Dry Clean | Fit: Relaxed 

Still with us after that marathon of a product description? Good, because you’ll want to take note of these lightweight and breathable men’s cargo pants loaded with features designed to help you tackle the summer heat and whatever comes with it. 

The waistband is designed to ebb and flow with your movements, and Duluth Trading Company’s proprietary material blend helps wick away moisture. Nice. Crucial, even. But the pièce de résistance of these cargo pants might just be the Crouch Gusset. You heard us. It’s a thoughtful touch that involves adding a bit more room in the crotch area to avoid pinching, pulling, and other unfortunate scenarios that go along with an active summer lifestyle. 

Material: Cotton, Polyester Canvas, Spandex | Size Range: 32-48 Inches | Inseam: 30-34 Inches | Best for: Summer Shenanigans, Work or Otherwise | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Relaxed 

Step your typical joggers up a notch, courtesy of Todd Snyder and Champion. While this handsome pair of joggers borrows a few cues from cargo pants’ military roots, they’re all about comfort and lowkey look-at-me-ness, which we have on good authority is a thing.

Its construction is designed to minimize shrinkage, leaving you with a pair of fitted cargo joggers that will ebb and flow with you during the most trying of Netflix binges (be strong). 

Related but not related: Bonus confidence points for pulling the trigger on the Faded Brick colorway.  

Material: 100% Cotton | Size Range: XS-XXL | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Netflix Binging & Morning-after Brunching | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Slim 

If you’ve said it once, you’ve said it 1,000 times: “I will not be a complete person until I’ve procured a bright blue pair of camouflage Valentino cargo pants with a cozy wide leg, adjustable waist, and exorbitant price tag.”

You do. You say that all the time.

But good news, we’ve finally given in and added them to our list of the best cargo pants for men for your convenience. Forced faux circumstances aside: These are cool and definitely belong in the splurge-y section of your closet.  

Material: 100% Cotton | Size Range: 28-38 Inches | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Casual Wear | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Wide Leg 

For a streetwear twist on the typical cargo pant, jealousy-inducing Rick Owens DRKSHDW offers it up to those who are fashion-aware. Featuring approximately 9,862 pockets (okay, only four, but their frontward presentation gives off a more-than-ample appearance), you can leave the bag at home and walk out the door a free man. Snacks in tow, of course. Its velvety soft corduroy is only the icing on this sartorial cake.

In terms of what to team these men’s cargo pants up with, let your streetwear freak flag fly. An oversized throwback rugby shirt and crisp sneakers sound about right. As does a white Deftones t-shirt under a distressed black blazer. There aren’t many wrong turns you can make with these. Except maybe a fishing vest and fire helmet.  

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane | Size Range: XS-XL | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Streetwear | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Regular, Tapered 

Rick Owens DRKSHDW Creatch Corduroy Cargo Trousers

Dad life is not without its stressors. It’s also not without its questionable decisions in the style department. Let’s meet in the middle with this dad-friendly pair of cargo pants from Land’s End that are all about comfort, comfort, and more comfort. And they also look pretty damned good despite their utilitarian soul. 

The hidden elastic sidebands stretch to keep dad comfortable when he’s had one too many jalapeno poppers, and the core material itself is designed to flex. And what with being cargo pants and all, they have cargo pockets. Stand down, dad… they have cargo pockets.  

Material: Cotton, Spandex | Size Range: 30-46 Inches | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Relaxing | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Relaxed 

Summer is a time to express yourself. If you choose to do that via a pair of boldly patterned cargo pants for men, we fully support you in that endeavor. This green pair features flap pockets, a cozy cotton-nylon blend fabric, plenty of room in the legs, and a standout design that’s sure to net you some compliments.

And if you’re really feeling yourself, pair these cargos with Paria/Farzaneh’s matching bucket hat or stand-collar shirt. Confidence is key with these pants, so go hard or go home. 

Material: Cotton, Nylon | Size Range: 32-38 Inches | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Casual Outdoor Events | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Standard 

Sometimes you just want to lounge around at home and read a good book or binge a good show. Other times you want to lounge around in public. For both of those occasions (and pretty much any other occasion that’s anything but formal), these Adidas cargo track pants have you covered. 

They feature Adidas’ signature three stripes down the thighs, interrupted only by cargo flap pockets—a classic look reimagined. 

Material: 100% Cotton | Size Range: XS-2XL | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Lounging | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Loose 

For another fine specimen of bold cargo pants for men, look no further than Tonal’s Patchwork offering. The green patchwork pattern demands attention, but not in a way that’s obnoxious or try-hard.

The cut is slim enough to open up a huge range of pairing options but roomy enough not to feel confined. You can pull off almost any top or footwear option with these, from t-shirts and chunky sweaters to sandals and wingtips. The range of muted greens scattered from waist to ankle only adds to their versatility. Oh, and there are pockets. Can’t forget the pockets. 

Material: 100% Cotton | Size Range: 28-42 inches | Inseam: 31.5 | Best for: Making a Statement | Care: Dry Clean | Fit: Relaxed 

Yes, we now live in a world where major designers and iconic apparel companies team up to make cargo pants. We’ll give you a minute while you reckon with that.

And we’re reckoning…

Good. Now that that’s out of the way, get a load of these impeccable cargo sweatpants from L.L. Bean and Todd Snyder. The collaboration takes cues both from streetwear and classic New England style. In the end, everything comes seamlessly together to form a cozy, breathable pair of slim-fit men’s cargo pants, equal parts ready for the trail, the streets, or your couch. Choose wisely.

Material: 100% Cotton | Size Range: XS-XXL | Inseam: N/A | Best for: Lounging | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Slim 

You didn’t think we were going to get nearly all the way through a list of the best cargo pants for men without so much as a mention of Levi’s, did you? For shame. Because here comes the legendary denim company with a tapered cargo pant that’s available in multiple colorways and features a hint of elastane to keep you moving in comfort. 

Moving where? Almost anywhere. They’re super durable, so an adventure in the great outdoors certainly isn’t out of the question (yes, a walk in the park counts). They’re lightweight, so a spring patio brunch won’t leave you longing for a side of climate control with your salmon benedict. You get the idea. In true Levi’s fashion, these are your go anywhere, do anything pants. 

Material: Cotton, Elastane | Size Range: 28-42 Inches | Inseam: 30-32 Inches | Best for: Daily Wear | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Tapered 

If you haven’t been keeping up with Wrangler, you may be surprised to hear that it’s not just an inexpensive throwback brand. They’re still making some legit plays for your legs, and the Riggs Workwear cargo is a fine example of that. 

Made of a tear-resistant ripstop fabric, these cargo pants are breathable, lightweight, and feature thoughtful touches like reinforced, ventilated knees. They’re the perfect pants for throwing over a pair of thermals and hitting the apres-ski bar circuit. Fire pits, hot toddies, harrowing tales of the slopes, and these pants. That’s our kind of dream team. 

Material: 100% Cotton Ripstop | Size Range: 30-60 Inches | Inseam: 30-36 Inches | Best for: Outdoor Winter Work, Apres-ski Hot Toddies | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Relaxed 

Give your ankles their moment in the sun with NN07’s relaxed-fit cargo pants. They feature a hint of elastane to help you comfortably move around, and the subtle crop adds interest to your look.

These aren’t everyday cargos, but they’ll serve you well while you walk the city street in search of coffee. Or for a day at the office that may or may not segue into happy hour beers. Their sturdy construction will keep them a staple in your closet for years, and the neutral colorway plays nice with almost anything. 

Material: Cotton, Elastane | Size Range: 28-38 Inches | Inseam: 32-34 Inches | Best for: Functional Citywear | Care: Machine Wash | Fit: Relaxed 

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Cargo Pants For Men


If you’re riding the cargo pants train because they’re officially “back” and you’re here for it, we fully support you in that sartorial endeavor. Go with what feels right, fits right, and looks right, and leave it at that.

If you’re an avid outdoorsman or need more of a tactical approach to things, focus on technical men’s cargo pants that can stand up to the elements and whatever else you decide to throw at them. 

romwe_men / Instagram


Like most considerations when comparing the best cargo pants for men, the material should be given some thought. Polyester and nylon, for example, tend to help wick away sweat and dry faster—great for an active lifestyle or if your job requires manual labor.

If you’re wearing your cargo pants more for style points, a 100% cotton or cotton-nylon blend will be versatile choices. 


Like any garment type—especially ones that are experiencing a resurgence—price will run the gamut. If your budget is modest, you can still find well-constructed pairs of men’s cargo pants out there, but do your homework and don’t just go for the cheapest pair.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s no shortage of designer cargo pants that can easily breach the four-figure mark if you’re looking to splurge. 


    • While it’s hard to nail down one company that makes the best cargo pants for men, there are a few standouts in terms of comfort, durability, and overall quality. Consider L.L. Bean, Carhartt, Dickies, and Patagonia are a few go-to standouts in the function category. Meanwhile, brands like Ralph Lauren and Todd Snyder excel in the leisure space. 

      • How to wear your cargo pants depends on what you’ll be doing in them. A general rule of thumb: keep the fit standard, relaxed, and breathable if you’ll be working in them, and straight and fitted if you’ll be playing in them.

        • Pulling off an effortless look in cargo pants for men doesn’t have to be hard as long as you don’t overthink it. Keep it casual with a smart-fitting t-shirt, neutral henley, or oversized sweater. Or whatever feels right when you throw it on, really.

          • One factor that contributes to the popularity of cargo pants is how versatile they are. Depending on the fit and style of your pants, you could easily pull off anything from sneakers to work boots to wingtips.

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