18 Of The Best Waterproof Boots For Men That Will Help You

18 Of The Best Waterproof Boots For Men That Will Help You

Of all the shoes you have on your wishlist, how high up are the best waterproof boots for men? If you’re being honest, we’re guessing you didn’t give them much thought (unless your name is Bear Grylls, of course). But when you do really think about it, they’re a pretty important cog in the wheel of footwear fashion. 

A soggy foot is the kind of problem we could all do without. Trust us, we’ve watched enough war movies to know it’s not to be taken lightly. The best waterproof boots for men are your sartorial savior, a ray of sunshine on a wet and windy day. Not just for the countryside, they’re the modern man’s cheat code to happy feet—whether you’re exploring the city or climbing mountains.

Now, where will you find the best waterproof boots for men? We’re glad you asked. We’ve done our homework and pulled together the must-have designs every guy needs in his shoe collection. Keep reading, and we’re pretty confident you’ll find your new favorite pair.


511tactical / Instagram

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do (sorry, I needed to get that one out of my system). But truth be told, they actually offer a helluva lot more. Which is why they won our award for the best overall waterproof boots for men.

Salomon’s Hike Gore-Tex is designed for treading the tricky terrains of the great outdoors, but they can easily pass for a pair of stylish sneakers. They’re as comfortable as your favorite slippers, sure. But they also feature enough fancy technology—from molded sock liners to adaptable soles—to keep even the most experienced explorers happy. Better yet, they’re made using recycled materials, which makes them kinder to the environment.

Material: Textile, Rubber | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors Available: Black

There are certain things in life you shouldn’t skimp on. One of those is your shoes. You spend so much time on your feet that it would be silly not to invest in real quality (ahem, why else look up the best waterproof boots for men?). But that doesn’t mean you have to max out the credit card. Oh no… In fact, there are plenty of wallet-friendly options that can take perfectly good care of your paws.

One of those is this pair from Free Soldier. We know what you’re thinking. They look a little like something Kanye West would produce for Yeezy, right? We agree, but they’re not going to rinse your bank account like Ye would. They include all of the necessary features the best waterproof for men do (extra grip, shock absorption, arch support) for a fraction of the price. You can wear them on walking holidays or team them with distressed jeans and an oversized tee at the weekend.

Material: Suede | Sizes Available: 7 – 13 | Colors Available: Brown, Black, Tan

On has been around since 2010, but back then, it was a brand mainly worn by avid runners or real footwear fanatics. Fast forward 12 years, and they’re about as popular as The Beatles (slight exaggeration, but you catch our drift). 

Now, smash hits like “I want to hold your hand” rocketed the iconic foursome to global stardom. But it’s On’s impressive (and ridiculously comfortable) sneakers and boots that helped make their name. The Cloudridge is a super slick hiking boot—boasting a contemporary, lightweight design and the label’s beloved bendy soles. They’re best kept for your outdoor escapades, but no one is going to judge if you’re caught wearing them in the supermarket.

Material: Textile | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors Available: Navy, Black, Brown

If your day job involves manual labor (especially working outside), you won’t need us to tell you the importance of waterproof boots for men. But, you may need a hand picking out a fancy new pair. That’s where we come in…

Durable yet surprisingly stylish for something you’ll inevitably end up wrecking, they’re sure to be the talk of the building site (for all the right reasons). The toe cap is strengthened, not steel. So if this is something you require, you may wish to take a look at another of our picks featured later on in this article. We don’t want to be responsible for any broken bones.

Material: Thermoplastic | Sizes Available: 7 – 13 | Colors Available: Black, Brown, Sand

Waterproof boots are so good at keeping your feet dry in the country that it’s easy to forget how well they can stand up in an urban environment too. Case in point is this pair from Hunter. 

At first glance, you’d think they were just your everyday Chelsea boots. But peek beneath the surface, and you’ll find they’re so much more. Crafted from the same natural rubber you find on the brand’s iconic wellies, these are the ideal option for those looking for the perfect blend of timeless style and rain protection. Keep it classic, and wear them at the weekend with jeans and a button-down shirt.

Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7 – 13 | Colors Available: Black, Navy

We all enjoy a bit of friendly competition amongst friends, right? Well, there’s no doubt you’ll be winning the battle of the best winter boots. While your pals are squelching around in the rain, you’ll be the smug one with the dry tootsies. And who should you thank for this resounding victory? That’ll be Stockholm-based brand Myrqvist.

Made from water-repellent suede, the Duved boots are inspired by classic hiking styles—yet boast a smarter silhouette that won’t look out of place in the city. We’ll be wearing ours with slim-fitting denim, flannel shirts, and graphic tees. But you can also team them with chunky knitwear, hoodies, and coats.

Material: Suede | Sizes Available: 6.5 – 12.5 | Colors Available: Black, Navy, Brown

When you think about UGG, you probably imagine the classic sheepskin boots that were on the feet of every man, woman, and child during the early 2000s. They’re still offering those, but there’s a pretty impressive selection of waterproof boots too.

The Stenton takes on the appearance of your trusty work pair but doubles up as a fine footwear choice for weekend walks, movie trips, and Sunday afternoons at the bar. Thanks to the comfortable collar padding, foam footbed, and cozy sock liner, you can wear them all day without any trouble.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 18 | Colors Available: Brown, Black

If The Proclaimers really did end up walking 1000 miles, we like to imagine they were wearing these Hoka hiking boots while doing so. At least then, we’d know they were comfortable during their conquest for love.

The Anacapa Mid GTX is one of the most aesthetically pleasing styles around. I mean, just look at that sexy silhouette and extended heel. Easy on the eye they may be, but don’t be fooled into thinking this pair, among the best waterproof boots for men, only offer charming good looks. This pair has plenty going on under the bonnet—including a Megagrip outsole and protective cushioning to make climbing peaks a walk in the park.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 15 | Colors Available: Gray, Green/Brown, +

The best waterproof boots for men are to winter what Robin is to Batman. Things just wouldn’t be the same without them. As temperatures drop and bad weather arrives, your new sartorial sidekick will ensure you never have to worry about your feet getting wet.

Not just a pretty face, Giesswein’s Merino boots don’t just stop the rain—they’re lined with cozy wool and a padded shaft that not only keeps your feet warm but provides unbeatable comfort too. Better yet, they’re easy to clean, so you don’t have to tread carefully over muddy puddles. Their only downfall? You’re going to be majorly upset when you have to put them away for the summer.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 15 | Colors Available: Black, Camel, Brown

Whether you’re an outdoor worker or finally starting that home construction project, a pair of rugged boots is essential. But you can’t go buying any old pair—they need steel toes if you’re going to avoid a grueling trip to A&E.

Timberland’s industrial waterproof work boots certainly pass our health and safety check. As well as featuring the all-important steel toe, they also offer electrical hazard protection and a steel shank for structural support. While they’re no Mona Lisa, they’re definitely one of the more stylish options around.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 5 – 15 | Colors Available: Brown, Dark Brown

You’re probably not going to impress the most experienced of backpackers (who cares), but these boots from Merrell are absolutely perfect for day hikers and weekend walkers. They come in under $100, so you won’t feel guilty if they spend some long periods in the back of your wardrobe.

What makes this boot the best for those on a budget? They’re still pretty awesome despite their reasonable price tag. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, they offer good cushioning, Vibram outsoles, and a waterproof membrane to keep you dry.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 15 | Colors Available: Brown, Black, Green, +

Based in Portland, Oregon, Columbia has been creating innovative outdoor gear for over 80 years. They know a thing or two about protecting you from cold winters. Among their impressive portfolio, you’ll find the popular Bugaboot III.

Boasting a whopping 200 grams of insulation, it’s one of the brand’s most reliable designs—promising to be your most cherished possession when the weather takes a chilly turn. Not forgetting comfort, your feet will undoubtedly enjoy the superior cushioning and traction rubber soles. And this isn’t just for the snowy ski slopes of Colorado. We think they’ll come in particularly handy for those who live in the sticks.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 17 | Colors Available: Black, Brown

Looking for the perfect pair of tactical boots? The search ends here. Your mission is accomplished thanks to Under Armour. Not just your go-to gym wear brand, it turns out they’re quite handy in the art of making military-based footwear too.

Made from full-grain leather with responsive cushioning, these beauties keep you safe, comfortable, and mobile, whether you’re exploring urban terrain or navigating mountain passes. Most importantly, they’ll also keep your feet dry whatever the elements throw at you. While there are no rules about who can wear them, they’re not exactly the best choice for off-duty days.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 6 – 15 | Colors Available: Black

From looming work deadlines to remembering to feed the cat, life can get a little hectic sometimes. So who really has time for laces nowadays? Saving you the stress of fumbling with those fiddly pieces of cord is the Amoji.

Their ankle rain boots are a stylish yet practical option that can be worn with everything from selvedge denim to cargo shorts and chinos. They’ll protect you from muddy festivals, puddly sidewalks, and soggy fields. But there’s no reason why you can’t rock them at your next yard party.

Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 5 – 12 | Colors Available: Green, Navy, Black, +

Keeping your feet warm (and dry) during winter should be at the very top of your priority list. While it’s all fun and games playing in the snow, your day can quickly turn to crap if some of it manages to creep into your boots. Thankfully, Helly Hansen has your best, waterproof boots for men, back.

Featuring a fully snow-proof seam-sealed upper, they act as your personal bouncer that stops any of the white stuff ruining your day. Not just an excellent everyday choice (during the cold weather season, of course), they can also accompany you on your next ski trip—so you don’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth.

Material: Synthetic | Sizes Available: 7 – 13 | Colors Available: Black

We couldn’t possibly pull together the best waterproof boots for men and not include a pair of wellies. Sure, you’re a little limited on where you can wear them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t totally have some in your rotation.

Whether you’re walking the dog or working in the backyard, a pair of wellington boots really are a man’s best friend. They’re waterproof (of course), durable, affordable, and super easy to wash. What’s not to love? Our pick of the bunch is from Hunter. Stylish and practical in equal measure, their mid-height rain boots will soon become your favorite guilty pleasure.

Material: Rubber | Sizes Available: 7 – 13 | Colors Available: Black

Timberland boots have been around the block and back again. From construction sites to 90s hip-hop videos, they’ve been worn by men of all ages, statuses, and wealth for decades. And guess what? They’re still going strong (but now with the added benefit of some eco-friendly materials and earning a place among the best waterproof boots for men).

Known for their comfort, durability, and waterproofing, they’re a versatile option you can wear all year round. Our top choice comes in the iconic tan, but you can take your pick from over 10 different colors. Wear them with loose-fitting jeans and a flannel shirt for a throwback look Biggie Smalls would be proud of.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 18 | Colors Available: Tan, Brown, Black, +

It feels kinda strange including these in a guide covering the best waterproof boots for men; they could easily pass as a pair of kicks. In fact, even Grenson has coined them the Sneaker 52. But, despite their devilishly handsome appearance suggesting otherwise, these are waterproof boots for men.

Looking like the lovechild of the Chelsea boot and your favorite chunky sneaker, they’re an absolute dream for anyone who wants the benefits of a waterproof shoe but with a little more panache. You can wear them to the office, or at the weekend. And they can be teamed with everything from chinos to jeans and check overshirts.

Material: Suede/Rubberized | Sizes Available: 6 – 12 | Colors Available: Green/Brown

What To Look For When Buying the Best Waterproof Boots For Men


Not all of the best waterproof boots for men are the same. It’s important you keep this in mind and seriously consider your usage. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of long-distance walking, a pair of waterproof hiking boots are going to be more suitable than wellies. In terms of the overall appearance, you should simply choose what best matches your personal style.

@ariatwork / Instagram


Before pulling the trigger on your new purchase of the best waterproof boots for men, double-check that the material of the boots really is waterproof. Some brands may advertise water-protecting properties, but this may refer to a certain part of the shoe (not all of it). Even if you’re fine with this, we suggest doing a little digging to make sure what you’re buying meets your requirements.


Unless you just plan on wearing them around the house (personally, we think that would be a bit of a waste), the best waterproof boots for men will inevitably take a bit of a beating from the elements and nature. With that in mind, it’s best to pick a color that won’t show dirt and scuffs. Black, brown, and charcoal are sensible options.


    • It goes without saying, the best waterproof boots for men should keep you dry. It would be kinda annoying if they didn’t, right? But as well as saving you from soggy feet, they should also offer a plentiful amount of comfort, support, durability, and breathability.

      • While there are certain materials—such as rubber or neoprene—that offer protection from water, you should still look out for labels, or phrases, such as Gore-Tex and Omni-Tech. It’s these types of technology that will keep your feet dry. 

        It’s also important to know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. The former promises to let no liquid pass, while a water-resistant shoe will prevent most water penetration, but not all.

        • There is no definitive list that includes the best waterproof boots ever made (although you do now have ours to turn to), but certain brands have been in the business long enough to be considered experts. Lowa, The North Face, Hunter—to name but a few. Truth is, the features and technology used are far more important than the label on the front.

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